Meeting Students’ Nutritional Needs When Schools are Closed

The Orange County Schools Child Nutrition team hasn’t missed a beat or a student since schools closed in March due to COVID-19. More than 73,000 meals have been provided to our students.

“Our team prepares meals with passion, love, and commitment every single day. The repetitive action is very hard on the body, yet they do it because they make a difference in the lives of children,” said Margie Davison, Interim Child Nutrition Director.

“I enjoy knowing that what we provide to the students of Orange County is not only a nutritious meal but also a little normalcy to their day with a school lunch that will remind them that we are thinking of them and miss them,” said Tammy Clark, OCS Child Nutrition Team.

The OCS Child Nutrition team prepare approximately 1,400 meals a day including breakfast consisting of a grain, fruit, and milk. Lunch includes a grain, protein, vegetable, fruit, and milk. The meals are then delivered daily by the OCS Transportation Department.

“The one thing that I enjoy the most is finishing out our day knowing that we may have made a difference in the lives of students and we recognize some things as little as they may appear to some. For example, the little milk cartons that they only see at school or their favorite muffins. These little things bring our students some comfort knowing that they came from their school and I hope that they know that we are here for them even though everything in their lives may seem upside down right now,” said Geralyn Husketh, OCS Child Nutrition Team.

Educators, families, communities, and policy makers have a role in the effort to transition from a focus that is narrowly defined as academic achievement, to one that promotes the long-term development and success of all children. Overall health and nutirion is one of five components of the ASCD Whole Child Approach. read more

The OCS Child Nutrition team includes: Angela Baldwin, Doris Bennett, Tyresha Bolden, Carley Briggs, Sandra Currie, Marcia Danker, Fay Evans, Christi Hemmingway, Jackie Hester, Geralyn Husketh, Lemaris Johnson, Annette Jordan, Liliana Jurado, Margo King, Carmen Lara-Martinez, Kim McBroom, Michelle McCormick, Sadie Latta, Jamie Rudder, Somattie Sarju, Tamela Smith Carolyn McEachern, Debbie Tant, Denise Parks, Deborah Watson, and Deborah Young.

“I am very grateful to have such a dedicated staff and I thank Valerie Green for putting together such a wonderful force. My thanks and gratitude to all of them,” added Davison.




Home to more than 7,500 students. We embrace cultural diversity, educate students’ to their fullest potential, and support our community.

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Orange County Schools

Orange County Schools

Home to more than 7,500 students. We embrace cultural diversity, educate students’ to their fullest potential, and support our community.

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